How would I block a door from closing using a physics object?

Okay so I have this door, it’s a futuristic door which closes by dropping down from the ceiling, the door has an OnBlockedClosing output, but this only works for players.

What I want is when a player puts a brush physics block under it, for the door to hit the box when closing and jam, and then not be able to be opened or closed, effectively allowing the player to crawl under it.


If you goto ‘flags’ tab there should be one saying ‘force door close’ dont tick that and it should work i think.

The force close option is in the main properties not flags, and it’s already set to No.

The box will jam the door for about 4 seconds before spazzing out and flying across the room, i need the box to jam the door good and propper, and set off outputs when it does so.

Well the last time i tryed it was something to do with that.

Make the door into a func_door. By default the func_door can be blocked by physics props…like in dm_rundown.

It’s already a func_door.

Does the door close when you put a wooden crate under it?

Yes, it breaks the crate.

Thinking about it, testing it with an oildrum would have been a better plan, or something else that’s metallic and unbreakable.

Well I’m testing it now with something which is unbreakable, and it seems to spaz out.

One thing I didn’t do is test it with an unbreakable model, so I’ll try that now and post what happened in a few minutes.


It spazzes out still.

Put a small trigger brush under the door and have a filter look for the box. When it’s activated, the door will stop at a different height.

That’s dm_runoff. :downs:

Ohay, it’s Pipe Dream.

Shh Zally :v:

HiddenMyst, trying your idea now.


It sorta works, but it still doesn’t actually stop the door, the door closes first THEN jams, it’s weird!

If you look above at the picture I posted of the properties, you can see I haven’t.

My apologies.