How would I do this...?

I am looking to make a building in GMOD 11, not a map, but something along the lines of an advanced duplicator. So, I could spawn it on my own server where I want… I’m actually wanting to make an admin base.

Thanks in advance!


Anyone? I’ve tried the phys gun, but it’s WAY too hard and time consuming.

What excactly do you need help with?
Tips of building and/or building tools?

Weight Tool
Easy Precision (Included in PHX 3 SVN)
SVN Tutorial (Get PHX and Wiremod for starters)

Use Stacker to make multiple floors, walls, that sort of stuff, in one click.
Use Easy Precision to place stuff very accurately.
And use Smartsnap for 100% accuracy in combination with Easy Precision (Or any other tool for that matter).
Use Weight tool if stuff is spazzing to death.

Specifically, making walls. I’m going to try Stacker and see how that goes.