How would I force a physgun color based on ULX groups?

so I need a way to force physgun colors for my staff on my server to know who is what rank quickly and easily without involving any menus being opened. I also need to know how to remove the physgun glow when cloaked. people apparently can still see the physgun glowing even when cloaked and its rather annoying us on my server that they can still see the glow. my EPs also hate it aswell since they definitely shouldn’t be seen and they have to use the physgun

If you would have just scrolled down like 6 posts you would have seen this.

yeah that one isn’t working. somebody responded in it but just -snipped- their comment afterwards. kinda unhelpful when people say something then just remove their comment. either way that thread didn’t help and nobody is responding in it anymore since apparently it was 2014(shouldn’t really matter tbh)

Do you know how to script in Lua?

I know how to edit but thats about it. thats why I came here

This is the “developer” discussion, meant for people who know how to script.

If you want people to make the code for you, head on over to $cr1ptF0dd3r. (Am I using the numbers right?)

Or you can learn. Even with your “editing skills” you should be able to figure it out.

I’ll give you a hint, it’s like checking user groups for dark rp jobs, but instead, it’s in a hook for the initial spawn and you just set the color of the physgun.

Here, I’ll start you off:

script fodder doesn’t exist anymore. there is only gmodstore now. however something as small as this isn’t worth paying for, especially when it is already possible to do without any fancy stuff needed. and not really anything I can use here. I can only code when I have a template to work with. those are just commands and the descriptions on them. not much I can do with that really

What is the difference?

*As a side note, you can’t code. Don’t say you can only code when you have a template. Coding is about problem-solving. Your solution, which you seem desperately try to avoid, is just learning some basic principles about Lua and its syntax. You aren’t problem-solving.

not much really, either way not much of a use to me with this. I’ve bought stuff before but this small thing isn’t much to justify anything. especially since somebody already made a free thing for it back in 2014. only issue is it doesn’t do anything now

local IsThisSoHard = {}
IsThisSoHard["user"] = Color(0,0,0,255)
IsThisSoHard["admin"] = Color(110,110,110,255)
IsThisSoHard["superadmin"] = Color(220,220,220,255)

hook.Add("PlayerSpawn", "IHopeThisBreak4u", function(ply)
	local g = ply:GetUserGroup()
	for k,v in pairs(IsThisSoHard) do
		if g == k then

Go learn please. I’m not telling you where to put this. :-/

I’d say thank you but your coming off as a bit condescending. I am not a 7 year old, so acting rude while speaking to me is not required. as for learning anything that isn’t my job. I put stuff in and pay for the server, my 2 devs code stuff for it. only issue is they can’t do everything so I’m forced to either buy it from gmodstore for our server or I’m forced to bother asking on here or hunting on the workshop. btw I’m going to edit out the “IsThisSoHard” from the code

You’re the type of person I would rather watch crash and burn. You don’t want to help yourself out, you just want other people to do everything for you. Please don’t come back asking for help unless you’re willing to learn.

no, everyone has a job and purpose. my job does not require me to learn lua so until it does I have no use for learning it. on a side note why are you coming at me with hostility?

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by all means go ahead with reacting to my comments. tho seriously go take a chill pill dude

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And I now have it properly made and edited. thank you for your contribution

local physcolor = {}
physcolor[“user”] = Color(0,0,0,255)
physcolor[“admin”] = Color(110,110,110,255)
physcolor[“superadmin”] = Color(220,220,220,255)
physcolor[“owner”] = Color(220,220,220,255)
physcolor[“coowner”] = Color(220,220,220,255)
physcolor[“eventplanner”] = Color(220,220,220,255)
physcolor[“headadmin”] = Color(220,220,220,255)
physcolor[“headep”] = Color(220,220,220,255)

hook.Add(“PlayerSpawn”, “physcolor”, function(ply)
local g = ply:GetUserGroup()
for k,v in pairs(physcolor) do
if g == k then

placed into lua/autorun/server/forcedcolor.lua