How would i get a job to spawn a vehicle with a custom skin?

I have these SWAT VANS and skin 2 is the skin for the swat van i don’t know how to make it to where the swat can spawn that van with the specific skin from his entities menu. We use the tdm vehicles and we are using the gmc van for this! please help!

Gamemode? :v:

That could help a bit.


Also, server? I’m interested.

latest version of darkrp.

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I’ll send you it. we are not open to the public yet but when we open up it will be worth it! :smiley:

I’ve got a better question.

Why does the bottom of this tree look like a hoof?

That is a good question that we will never be able to answer lol!


Install the perma props mod, and cover the whole thing with PHX plates…

If people see this, I can’t imagine what will happen.