How would i get a Perks menu for donators

I want it to be so if a player types !perks a small derma menu comes up saying the different ranks for the shops like Donator VIP VIP+ and u click on the one that is your ranks. After yours opens you can purchase perks that are exclusive to your ranks like player models or the hl2 crossbow. I AM NOT ASKING FOR SOMEONE TO GIVE IT TO ME. i am just asking if anyoen sees something like this on scriptfodder or something could they send me the link. if not could someone make it and put it on scriptfodder so i could purchase it? and click the search icon and go searching.

If you don’t find anything then is the place to request at a price.

You could also dig around here:
Where people share their work free for learning or for public and post WIP’s etc.


That was an order or a question :v

that was a question LOL

If you’re looking to do stuff that can be handled via the pointshop, i.e models and weapons, then just do some permissions based categories

This is gmod cancer