How would i get this background to work on garrysmod?

Alright, so i’ve made a cool background i like (in link) for garrysmod. I did it in about 5 minutes. BUT, when i try to use the file to make a background, i always get this message:
“ERROR. This Background image was invalid or corrupt. F:/Programfiles/steams/steamapps/(my user name)/garrysmod/garrysmod/materials/console/backround01. is invalid!”
and yes, im using a different Drive to store steam. My C:/ has all my school stuff and other things on it, and i ran out of room, so my dad got me a new 1TB hard drive (F:/) , i have room on C:/ now, but anyway, i keep getting that error for everything ive tried:

-Saving the files as a .vtf
-Saving the files as a .vmt
-Saving the files as a _widescreen.vmt
-Saving the files as a _widescreen.vtf
-Saving the Backround01.jpg in “Materials/console”
-Deleting all other local copies of the image, then re-doing it (wasnt that hard) and tried again.
-Saving the files as a .dds

idk what to do now, it either comes up with that message, or the regular backround comes up. Ive done everything the walkthroughs say, and still nothing.
But, for some reason, i cant save the image from Paint.Net directly into a .vmt or .vmf, i save it as a .jpg and rename it, along with its properties. MY screen size is 1280 by 1024 ( i use a 32 inch monitor, widescreen)

-here is the link to the pic (its my old “clan” website: (its the one that says “garrysmod” and has blue flames, and the space themed one with Earth, should be the first 2)
My fav:
Second Fav:
I made these, but if you want to make a background with them, go ahead, just give me credit for making.

Extract the background1/2 contents to materials/console. They’ll look alright for you but they looked shit at 1080p. Also, your monitor isn’t widescreen, it has a 4:3 ratio, mine is 16:9.