how would i go about animating a scripted scene

for a HL2 map im making, i want a scripted scene(i think thats what its called) like in modern warfate 2 where shepard knocks you against the car, stabs you, and is ready to shoot you. something quite like that, involving a few steps:
animating a NPC
forcing the player to go into a sequence where he shoots the npc
then later, the player starts a sequence where he turns around, and is shot. using first person death, im hoping ot have him fall to the floor staring at his killer.

is this possible? what programs would i need to create it?
i need ALL THE HELP I CAN GET! :slight_smile:

ive already made the map, i just need these sequences on triggers now.

Shepard stabs me?

Fuck dude you just spoiled the game


yep, and in the end you end up throwing a brick at his genitals, sending him into shock as he falls off a building.