How would I go about converting this model for Source? [.mtl and .obj]

So I want to convert this model to work in source. How would I go about doing so? The files are .mtl and .obj, and have a bunch of .png texture files too. Any information on how I’d go about doing this would be fantastic.

The files in question:


You will need to use a 3D authoring package like 3DSMax/Maya/Blender sure you could do it without those using OBJ2SMD tool but the basic workflow would be to import the Cloaked_Purge.obj into one of these tools and then export it as a .SMD.

Since OBJ doesn’t hold skinning information if you want the character to move around you will need to rig her. Then you want to convert the textures to the “vtf” format for source

See attached files for source files /compiled reference Goodluck!

You’re the best, thanks man!