How would I go about getting the textures used in GMOD's Construct map?

I really like the grass, concrete and shit used in the map. Is there any way I could extract them and use them in my map? Thanks!

Keep simple questions like this to the megathread please

Use the console command mat_crosshair to get the texture’s name. Or you could just look in the texture viewer for a couple minutes :v:

Sorry about that, didn’t really check for that thread. But as for the last bit, I’m currently mapping in Half Life 2’s Hammer for GMOD, so that won’t really work. :confused:

Why not?

I’ve went about using Source SDK Base Singleplayer 2013 and mounted GMOD that way, but the textures weren’t even there, and the compile result was broken as hell, compared to compiling in Half Life 2’s SDK.

Gotcha, it’s a custom gmod texture. |
Use it to open up the one for gmod and copy the .vmt and .vmf for the texture you want

Wow, I totally forgot about GCFScape, thankyou so much!

why don’t you use the Hammer thats in garrysmod/bin folder its aleady set up for Gmod ??