How would I go about making my map melee only?

I want to make a melee only map for TF2, is there an entity somewhere, or triggers?


Well I’ve been on melee servers, how are they done?

Isn’t there an ent call weapon strip? Try trigger_weapon_strip i haven’t mapped for tf2 for a while though

Theres nothing like that. D:

trigger_weaponstrip I think.


This will remove all weapons or will i have to input the weapons I want stripping?

It will remove all weapons. Most likely the server will handle the code required for melee only stuff.

wasn’t there a command introduced in an update that allowed them to have endings as melee only? I’m sure you could do the same for round starts.

Apparently its no longer possible. I did how ever find a thread that had the same question. Try what this guy suggested. If it doesn’t work just put in your map description that the server need a remove all weapons but melee plugin