How would I go about making wall adverts like in Sass and TD?

I’m currently working on a project, which I am not will to give out any info on what so ever, for certain reasons… that I need to add some advertisements in. I want them to be able to change by just popping in a different VTF into the server. I was observing the adverts from the Sassilization lounge and the Tower Defense lobby. Judging by what I know, I am assuming they are using lua to apply the vtf to an entity, identifying it by the entity name or a keyvalue of the entity. Anyone want to shed some light on how I might do this?

Uhm, there are animated VTF’s. I’m sure it’s not boiled down to lua, but actually the material applied to the ‘advertisement’ in hammer.

Are they actually on the map or in menu’s?

they are lua based ads that actually use html derma to load the pictures and such, not sure how tho…

They use Cam.Start3D2D to draw the crap they want in 3d space.

Any expansion on this? The lua contains no info for me. And to clarify, I am not looking for animated vtfs. And I am also not wanting the Server info boards and scoreboards on their servers. Just adverts.

bump. I’m needing to know this quite badly.

they draw a 2d texture in 3d space aka cam 3d2d using custom entities on the wall. They grab that position they grab that angle and then they draw it htere using cam 3d2d many people have issues using cam3d2d.

Would you be able to show an example of this?

Refer to this thread:


Thanks a ton guys.