How would i go about ripping textures?

Im not sure if this would go in the mapping thread, but here goes
How would i go about ripping textures from Call of duty 5: World at war
I have bought the game NOT downloaded it so it should be legal?

Firstly simple google and find a ripping program that can extract them for you. Secondly it is illegal if you use them for something else then share said thing around. So if you ripped them then used them in a map and released the map, that’s illegal. I think it’s illegal removing them in the first place but I’m not sure.

So even if i gave credit i still couldn’t use it?
What if i replicate it?

It’s still illegal, it’s something that by rights belongs to the MW2 team. You could ask their permission but they’re unlikely to give it. :v:
And if you remade the texture yourself then sure you could use it, because it’s yours.

Cod:5 actually but thanks for the info :v:
I’ll go replicate it

Just use it anyways, I don’t think they’d give a shit, hell most of their textures are from CGTextures anyways.

Well they’ve conned enough people out of their money with MW2 and the DLC so… i highly doubt they will go searching for me cause i used one texture xD

anyone know a program to do it in because 3D ripper rips to 3ds files (i think)

Isn’t that model stuff?

On this image it has a texture box:

That’s just model textures though. Find a texture ripper for world textures.

Please don’t give advice on things you don’t know about.

Usage of content from games is illegal if the game creator specifically says so in a license.

Distributing textures, models and such from demos that are available to anyone is not illegal, so long as they are not used for commercial use.

For instance, the creators of Stalker said we can do what we want with their textures as long as they aren’t used for commercial use.

So does anyone know a program?

What engine does it use?


Or run on. Whatever.

A quick google search reveals:
Enhanced IW engine, i think its a modified cod:4 engine

Try the first link :v:

it leads me back to this thread


Ripping isn’t cool, it’s better to make textures yourself

Contact the Call of Duty team and ask permission.


Or… Take a high resolution screenshot of the texture in-game with all PP effects off.

Texmod. It’s like 3D Ripper but only for textures. It hooks into the game and lets you view the textures and export them.