How would I install a Custom Addon? (READ BEFORE POSTING PLEASE)

Alright,stupidest or most complicated question ever.
I have a DarkRP Inventory system,how the frick do I use it?
Idk how to get the weapon / SWEP for it,one thing I did find is in Entities < Other I found a
Item crate,which was supposed to come with the Entities.

Anyone use DarkRP Advanced Inventory? How did you get it too work yourself?
Any posts that say “There is a Readme File”, or “Just put it in the addons folder”,anything way too obvious is prohibited from being posted,
those who don’t have the respect to even read this,guess what,you don’t have a place on FacePunch anymore.

Edit: Found this error in console,however when I goto line 186 it seems to be fine, adv_inv is a unkown value to it for some reason,anyone got a good idea why?
[ERROR] addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/weapons/inventory/shared.lua:186: attempt to index global ‘ADV_INV’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/weapons/inventory/shared.lua:186

Where did you get this from?

First off, that’s an extremely demanding and entitled couple sentences there. How do you expect us to respect you when you clearly did not do that to us. You can’t “prohibit” people from posting and you definitely can’t tell people that they do not have a place here.

As for your problem, I see that you (probably) got the leaked version and are going here for help instead of consulting the dev on SF. Nobody without access to the files is going to be able to use that Lua error you posted to help you because they do not have the entire block of code they need to do so. We don’t just have a magic memory of every single Lua script known to man that we can reference to help you out.

Sadly leakforums,but the file is fine,this just one part is strangly not working right now.
Right now I don’t at all believe its the uploader of the file,its the coding / installation…

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The same answer everytime, “We don’t have DarkRP Advanced inventory,we can’t help you out.”

I have Itemstore,any know about that?

I’m going to ignore that first off sentence,I have a real attitude for flaming you right now,and that was so this thread isn’t filled with “read the read me file” or annoying posts that don’t contribute to this file whatsoever.
Should I leak the LUA file? o-o Idk what I am supposed to do at this point,all my players are losing there items whenever they rejoin anyway,I’m not going to become a Pro Lua Coder just so I can write 40 lines of code which will make little difference in the server,and possibly take 2 weeks to complete.

(User was banned for this post ("Admitted to using leaked addons" - NiandraLades))

You do know that you came into posession of the script illegally, right? Your version may be old, or files may be tampered with or missing. A large percentage of the devs that post here sell their scripts on ScriptFodder, and most of those that do not will refuse to help you with setting up your leaked scripts. If you want it to work, go buy the real version. Alternatively, you can code a simple 40 line alternative using the built in hooks in the sv_init.lua for the pocket SWEP, Player:GetPData/SetPData, util.JSONToTable/TableToJSON, a PlayerInitialSpawn hook, the local function for networking the pocket tabs (also in the sv_init.lua for the pocket SWEP), and the variable on the player for the pocket (ply.darkRPPocket). Try it out and you will receive help.

Its quite ridiculous that it would cost 5$ for something this simple.

That inventory system is way more advanced than saving your items to pocket so that they are there when they come back. It would take hundreds of lines of code to do that. All this code does is save your items to a database when you leave, and puts them on the player when you return. That’s it.

What is your Steam name and I might be able to help you.

Add me on steam, I promise I won’t report you, I really want the inventory script you got. Leakieforuns es 2 hardie.

If it costs too much for you, why not make it yourself? :v:

If you can’t make it yourself, then to you it must be worth the $5. If you can make it yourself, then it would be worthless to purchase it on Scriptfodder other than to save your own time.

The people who sell these scripts aren’t just faceless corporations like Microsoft or Adobe. They are all individual people and for many of them Scriptfodder is very important. The majority of developers on Scriptfodder use facepunch on a regular basis.

So don’t use leaks, that shit doesn’t fly here.

Don’t listen to these noobs. Add me on Steam and I’ll be able to help you out with this problem of yours! You can see a Steam icon under my avatar which leads you to my profile! :smile:

No Author…That joke already was said

I fail to see how that was a joke.

You were seriously going to help him with a leaked script?