how would i make a crate hold things?

if i made a crate, and i wanted it to have, lets say, 2 babies and a battery inside of it. and i wanted it to be move able then broken causing babies and street signs to spawn were it broke. how would i do that?


I don’t know if I understand what you want.

if it was broken, i want the objects i want to spawn were it broke.


a prop.

hmm, I see.
You want supplies, but intead of health of ammo you want babies ._.
I think that is possible, let me dig a little.

item_item_crate -> item type (Class name of the entity to spawn when the crate is broken) -> babies

just give names to the props you want to be inside the box and it may work…

the crate:

or this…

can i have the crate a different skin?

Could you be able to parent the props to a breakable brush?

hmmm. ill try that. ill put the props, in the breakable prop then parent them

And if it worked try to prefab it…

cant parent props…


ill try a brush.


ok, compiling now.


i just got an idea, put a skull inside of a watermelon…

Putting props inside other props never works. Don’t do it.

hammer is very limmited…

No. You’re just being stupid.

no… im saying, it cant do what i want it to do.

Yes it can

You are just doing it wrong. The template spawner method is probably the best and cleanest option.

yea, it appears so.

“It appears so”? You were just bitching and moaning, “BAWW HAMMER DOESNT DO WHAT I WANT IT TO DO ITS SO LIMITED”

pissy much? ive seen your posts…