How would I make a crowbar replacement?

I recently made an alright (albeit badly optimized) model of a diamond pickaxe from minecraft, and released it onto the cloud. Now people are asking for me to turn it into a weapon, and as I was intending on doing so if the demand was high, I’m having a stab at it.

Now, so far (thanks to the lovely chaps of the pimpage thread) I’ve got the crowbar V model open (Didn’t know it had a whole skeleton as reference, that’s pretty cool) and I’ve deleted the crowbar and moved the model into roughly the right place.
Thusly in fact:

Again, pretty rough

And the ever patient goers of the pimpage thread said that I must now rig bones and whatnot to it
And so I was wondering, how can I do this? I can see some strange nodes that move around an axis floating around, but how would I direct these things to the new model?

Thanks for any help, and sorry if this isn’t really thread worthy: I’ve googled this but all that really comes up are links to 8 hour tutorials where rigging just happens to be metioned.


Also if someone could give some tips of what to do after rigging the bones and everything, that also be great!
I also now realise that the title is a little bit none-specific for what I need, sorry about that

Right, the first thing to do if you’re using Max is click on the crowbar replacement, go to your dropdown and apply a skin modifier. Then, choose the bones you want the mesh to be attached to; seeing as this is a crowbar, I’d attach it to the root right hand bone (ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand) by clicking on the add button on the bones thing. Use only that bone, or some strange stuff could happen.
Once that’s done, export as a reference mesh, and do the other stuff a Source model needs. If you’re using a different program than max, I can’t help you there.

Heh, once you’ve done, export the mesh as a reference mesh, into where the rest of the crowbar stuff is. (if you’re using the SDKContent stuff, make sure you do that into a copy of the folder, don’t want your base files to be overwritten.)
Make sure the name of the reference mesh file is the same as the stock one. Then, open up the QC file in notepad, and change this line “$modelname Weapons/v_crowbar.mdl” to something like
“$modelname Weapons/v_minecraft_diamondpickaxe.mdl” or something like that. Also, make sure you add a place to $cdmaterials for all your new textures. (eg. “$cdmaterials models\Weapons\V_hand models\Weapons\V_crowbar models\weapons\minecraft” for the stock QC. The QC is probably the hardest part, as it’s somewhat easy to screw it up if you’re not too sure on editing it.

After that, run the QC file through GUIStudioMDL, a frontend for the MDL compiler. Make sure you set the game you want to compile it for, so you can find it to put it into GMod. Make sure the game you’re compiling it for has a “models\weapons” folder created in Windows, as the compiler throws hissy fits if it doesn’t.

Also, if you don’t get any part of that, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Aah great, thanks! :buddy:

I probably should have mentioned that I was using max

Will I need to do anything with these little guys?

Don’t be alarmed by the startlingly rubbish texture

Those little guys are useless, but leave em, as if they’re gone, the compiler won’t compile the model as the animations would reference those bones, but the reference mesh wouldn’t.
edit: also, looking forward to these, am a Minecraft lover my self.


So where could I find the arm textures? They don’t appear to be in the sdk files, are they just a generic file found in the game?

No problem. The arm texture is already assigned, the only reason it’s gray is that max can’t find it, so can’t display it.

Oh lovely, so all I need to do is put the pickaxes materials into the files of the game i’ll use to compile it, then run the QC through GUIstudio?

Yeah, that should be it. Make sure that they go into one of the places $cdmaterials specifies, or they won’t show up in game or in the Model Viewer

Suddenly I realise that I rigged it to thr wrong bloody hand :v:

Also texture problems

Still, At least I know how i’d make a bow if I ever get around to it


Alrighty cool:

Now let’s find out what the other problem is

Heh, have you converted the textures to VTF format and made a VMT file for the VMT?

Ahaa there we go, it was just a silly mistake with the .vmt

Thanks a whole bunch for the help! :buddy:
I’ll just need to edit the texture one last time to get rid of those annoying white lines that have popped up, but other than that it’s just fine

No problem. It’s lookin good, can’t wait to mine some stuff with it! :buddy: