How would I make a eroded pavment/sidewalk?

I got a pavement and I want to make the rim of the pavement that separates the road from the pavement to be eroded… How would I go about doing this?

I have tried displacement but all I get is a very thin piece of rim or nothing at all.

I won’t be on until tomorrow because I want to watch TV then I’ll be going bed, so I won’t be able to reply to any useful feedback.
Thanks anybody :smiley:

Have you tried all the displacment tools?

Subdivide is great for things like this.

Smooth, raise, lower, the one that makes things into a ball…

Select the two visible faces and turn them into displacements…edit at your leisure. A model would probably be less hassle though.

Make little brush spheres and carve out the shapes you want.

I’m just kidding. I’d do a model, or take some more time to work with the displacements.

To be honest with you, detail that small is overlooked and not worth the effort. Use a texture to get the point across.

I’m gonna have to agree with this man. Usually the typical player does not notice small things like this.

You COULD use the Clipping tool with Displacements but again use textures to get the idea.

Thanks everybody…


There is a decals for stains, you could apply them on face of that pavement.