How would I make a little chain of sound files play?

So basically I’m putting together a few glados quotes to play one after another in a map for a friend. I’ve rigged single ambient_generics to play when a certain thing is triggered, but I’ve never tried to string several together. I just want to make it so that when one ends, the next one plays. But ambient_generics don’t have that output, and env_soundscapes… well they don’t let you select from the list of sound files. Am I going to have to use a logic_timer and simply time how long each sound is? Or is there a better way? I checked Half-wit and as far as i could tell it didn’t have a tut on this, and Interlopers said that soundscapes are supposed to be used for environmental effects anyway. Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe you could put all the sound files into one with a sound editing program, then space them appropriately?

Hm, I suppose I could. I guess I’ll use that as a second-to-last resort (still putting it ahead of the logic_timers thing), but I’m still looking for an in-Hammer method, as that would probably be the most reliable and I have not yet put any custom sounds into Hammer. However, I have seen tutorials on it so I’d probably be able to.

Well, use GCFScape to get the sounds that you are using from the game, export them somewhere useful, then you could use Goldwave. It’s a free audio-editing program (if you didn’t already know).

You can use the scenes valve has made or fiddle with the faceposer to make your own scenes (don’t worry with faceposing, tough, as the npc you’re using is just a static cube)

Thanks for the info, but like I said still looking for in-hammer solutions. I’ll keep that in mind, but just for the record, I happen to like Audacity (Another free audio editing program).

First, I know about the scenes valve has made, but the files and the order I want to use them in has not been done by Valve. Second, can you put audio files together in Faceposer?

Yes. Valve has done it in the original scenes, so why not? You just import the files to the faceposer, save the scene, and apply to an actor_generic.
There are some extras steps I can’t remember…

Ok thanks, I’ll keep that in mind too.

Yeah, just use faceposer and string them together in a scene. Best hammer way to do it.