how would i make a realistic river?

i got the water, and the trigger push…but it doesnt look right. is there a way i can make it a solid displacement?

Water can NEVER be displacements. EVER.

you’ll need to find another way


Look at that, BB tags are fixed :v:

that sucks…

BB tags?

Sigh Does anyone ever look at the tuts on FPS Banana first? You’re going to have to use an animated texture. Also, water doesn’t have physics to make people move, or give the impression of moving water. If you want fast flowing water that “pushes” people, you’re going to need to use a trigger-push brush.

trigger push, i mentioned that in the op.

Reading is essential.

Just edit the VMT so that the water scrolls in whatever direction you want it to.

ok. thanks.

Actually copy the VMT and rename it so you don’t overwrite a perfectly fine water texture.