how would i make an animated hat for pointshop?

for example a flaming animation for your hat in pointshop was wondering how i would go about doing something like that?

was wondering how to make one myself, preferably not pay for one a little tight on cash lol, theres a fire_01.pcf in the main files i would like to know how i could add it to the pointshop and run it on a server

So basically “make me a thing for free because im too lazy to learn and use google or cheap to pay 5$”

Besides there are only a limited amount of particles to use without having other games mounted, keep that in mind.

Not if you make your own

I’ve looked into this before and found some information by googling ‘Facepunch particle hats’ and if I recall, I never got it quite perfect (like you could see them in first person which is distracting as all fuck) but take a look through these two and see if you can learn from it

Oh, wait, I can’t right now because for some reason my ability to copy/paste has broken, but basically google what I said and a couple of old help threads’ll come up

When I came into this I was hopeful. I wanted an animated hat, not some particles. Ah well, my dream shall live on yet another day.


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What’s the problem?

no im asking to learn how to make one myself not for someone else to make me one and like i said im tight on cash so i cant go spend my money on just anything

i looked it up like that on google and i think i found the post you are referring to the post he has


from what i have seen you can find the particles actual name in the .pcf in this case fire_01.pcf i just dont know exactly what i would be looking for in that file considering how many different names there are so would there be a specific name or could i just use any name thats in the .pcf like fire_medium_01 etc

The problem is that ModifyClientSideModel does not run on tick.

Why do you need it? Just play the animation when the thing spawns. In ITEM:Equip or something.

but you need to have the clientside model, and the argument is only present in ModifyClientSideModel and onModify

of course if I look in the main pointshop script I might find a way around this but…

Any hook can be called on items, and they’re only called when equipped. For example ITEM:PlayerSpawn will be called every time the player spawns. More info in the docs.

Wait they’re really only called when equipped? When I was working on my riot shield powerup that didn’t seem to be the case…