How would I make an Upgradeable printer?

Hi I am currently trying to make a DarkRP money printer and so far I have gotten it to print money and have changed the colour of the printer but I want to make it upgradeable so that the next level will print faster, How would I do that since I have been trying to find out how to do so for quite a while and can’t find any place that shows me.

A simple way to do this would be to define a variable saying the amount of money to print (if for some reason you haven’t already), and then when another entity you create touches it, destroy the entity and set the variable higher. Of course, this is a really simple way of doing it.

Well in the function where the entity is upgraded, change the upgrade variable and destroy the timer, then create a new timer with a different wait time on it. I’d make a table and reference it with the current level, like:

local tbl = {}
tbl[1] = 60 --tbl[<level>] = <time in seconds>

local time = tbl[entity:GetNWInt("Level")]

Ok thanks I will try that