How would I make doors open like this?

Well I’m just going to try to remind you guys, sorry for no vid, but how would I make two curved doors open outward and slide back into the walls of a cylindrical room? Since that may be confusing, I mean like in Portal when the elevator doors open. I’ve tried func_door_rotating but that made the stupid things rotate on the spot, even though I changed the origins. And even if I hadn’t, they didn’t “slide”, they actually “spun” on the spot. I also tried the “hinge” entity, but I couldn’t find any flag or input or property that would make it actually rotate. Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve seen people do it with func_door_rotating, it’s just about the right settings and origin position. Otherwise, you COULD extract the portal elevator door model.

Or what you could do (and I’m going out on a limb here) is you could make a func_rotating and parent the said doors to it. Maybe use a logic_timer to make it stop after so long so it doesn’t go through everything. Kind of hacky but it might work.

Oh, func_rotating, right. Thanks. Oh, you too Chili, but I think I’m going with Firegod’s idea.


god dammit, nvm. The fucking things just will not rotate the way i want them to. i’ve checked “x” and “y” individually and at the same time in the flags, I’ve tipped the blocks over, and they always find a way to rotate in a completely wrong direction. I’m just doin a different way of opening.

Func_rotating is for things like fans.

Func_door_Rotating with it’s origin at the center. It’s a little tricky to get right at first but it is not hard at all.

Thanks for the help, but have you ever played Portal? Cuz those doors sure don’t open like the ones on the elevators in Portal. And @ Jakobi, thanks, but I’ve already done a different method for opening the doors, maybe at some later time I’ll try again tho.

No problem.