How Would I Make Vehicle Models?

Okay so let me just get started with my question… How do I port vehicles from other games… Such as the .mdl files etc. I have no experience with modeling, but I do know how to script it. I’ve rescripted some vehicles before. Now I also learned the models SGM/LW/TDM use are from games like “Driver SF” how would I extract those and convert them for Garry’s Mod?

Modelling forum is there:

In short: Extract or rip models from the game using any programs that exist for that purpose ( They vary for every game ), convert that to common model format, like .obj, .fbx, .blend, 3ds max formats, etc, fix the model in 3ds max, blender or whatever program of choice you use, don’t forget to extract or rip textures too, export the model files into valve .dmx or valve .smd, write a .qc for the model, compile the .qc, test in game, keep tweaking.

For someone with NO experience, this will take at least a month to understand.