How would I "rip" Borderlands 2 weapons?

Via the resourceful internet, I found out how to rip Borderlands 2 models, and more specifically, the weapon models.

My intention was to rip the Bane and make TF2 animations with it or something. However, to my dismay, upon importing the mass jumble of weapons in one model file into 3DS Max, I discovered that element selecting only selects faces or small portions of the weapon parts, meaning it is nearly impossible to get rid of the parts I don’t need in order to get a clean Bane.

Is it possible to hide or remove the individual weapon parts in the GestaltDef_SMG_GestaltSkeletalMesh.psk file containing all of the submachine gun parts? I really want to animate the Bane for TF2; I have all the sounds and hopefully all the textures, although I have to modify the texture colors to produce the actual in-game look. I can upload the file or post a link on how to extract the models from the game files if need be.