How would I stop a SWEP'S bullets creating decals?

So, I’ve got this gamemode I’m making and there’s a stealth powerup, but stealth doesn’t really work well when you’ve got blood all over you.

So, how would I stop my bullets creating decals on players or the world?

I would like to know the same thing as well

I don’t know about the world, but try this:

function GM:PlayerTraceAttack( pl, info, normal, trace )
return true

Nope, didn’t work :frowning:

Do want.

You’re setting the alpha of the player to 0 right? Or are you using a different effect?

That’s easy! I documented that one! :smile:

I don’t know how but it got removed from serverside lua. Adding it back.

edit : Setting it to 3 is fun. :3:

I love you…again.

Have a tick. And a hug. :3:

I’ll try this.

Nope, I’m changing the material to my own sexy refracting one :v:


SetBloodColor appears to only change the effect that appears when shooting someone, but not the decal. I WANT TO REMOVE THE DECAL NOT THE EFFECT (I already removed the effect with my bullet callback thingy)

Are you sure? It removed all blood effects for me both in SinglePlayer and on a dedicated server… Well at least now you don’t need a callback on bullets. :wink:

Edit : I did notice varying results with using this function depending of the type of server. Sometimes a certain color would give errors, sometimes it wouldn’t. Sometimes it would spray purple blood when the value was off bounds, sometimes red.

I’m 100% sure it doesn’t work. I put pl:SetBloodColor( -1 ) on the player spawn function and I’m still seeing blood decals.

That’s weird really. What if you set it to 3? There should be nothing else then sparks and no blood decals at all. Setting it to -1 really should override all blood decals as it does for the hunter and strider.

I’d do some tests but I won’t have access to gmod until thursday night. Note I might’ve only tested it with stock weapons.

Oh yea, I’ve totally forgotten about this new function that Garry added in one of the newer updates
Thanks a lot man

Try changing the material type to something that isn’t flesh.

Metal maybe?

I put “$nodecal 1” in the QC and there’s still blood :frown:

ehm… i think your making stalker? :smiley: but anyway, theres an console command for it but to spam that… r_cleardecals if im correct CLIENT-SIDE!


I know that, but that would be a rubbish way to do it, since all other decals would get removed too.

I’ve no idea if this would work, however try “$surfaceprop” “Water”.

Model surfaceprop overrides the material’s one. The playermodels all have surfaceprop flesh, so I can’t change that.