How would I take the head of my character in Fo3 and putting om a citizen for poses?

This character I want to take the head of and put on a citizen or completely new body.

This is a player character so I could not have somebody do it for me. I just wanna find where the file for my character is at and put the head on a model for posing use.

I want all programs I need to be free so I wont have to pay for anything (and I will not pirate so don’t say that).

This should go into the Models/Request Section.



I doubt there are any free programs.

I said only I can do this because only I have the model I want ported.

Though if a mod wants to, they might have to move this thread there.

You would first have to learn how to use a modelling program. Then either make the body (and rig it) or decompile and import the body into that modelling program. Then, you would have to hack the head off your model, and either hack the citizens and put it on there, or just put the head on the body you created. Then you either texture, or make sure the textures are in the right format, size, go on the model correctly, and are in the right place. Then you would need to compile. Then find any bugs and go back and fix them.

Bit harder than you thought it would be, right?

No i thought it would be harder.

Just where would I FIND the character model to begin with? It’s a player character so mine would differ heavily from yours.

Which player model? HL2 guy or your one?

I want to find the model directory of my Player Character from Fallout 3, I’ll just find the body of the citizen to use for the hacking process.

So what I want t to know is how I could get the character’s head in gmod on a citizen’s body (with hacked on better hands of course) and I also would like to know how to get the head to be faceposable because I doubt it is already.

Now that I think of it, maybe it should be in models/skins, but not requests.

Once you find the model (I don’t have FO3, so I don’t know where it would be), you do what Omolong said so you get the model/materials of your F)3 head.

Then, you copy them, and place them on to the head of a Citizen (from HL2).

Once you are done editing, you drop the stuff in either the Model or the Material folder in your Garrysmod/garrysmod.

The model hacking I can learn later, I just want to find where the Player character model is located at.

I think it might be stored in the save(s), though parts like the hair might be in one of the .bsas.

I’m having problem trying to find that folder.