how would the gmod community react to this.

I was thinking that im gonna trash city colonization before I do that I want to ask,

Would you play this?

A gamemode im thinking of there are two navy’s or you can be independent. basially you build a boat then you set off to war on the ocean or colonize a island and make a small port there, I was think it could be a basic gamemode with lots of fun the only requirement I can think of is spacebuild model pack because of the ships could be planes and lots of the parts could make a boat easily or a underwater lab.

So basically its this.

-Underwater lab
-Aircraft carrier
-making island bases

Would anyone play this?

Sounds vaguely like Naval Play. I’m sure some people would play it.

Of course, since I doubt you’re going to finish it, the point seems rather moot.

Yeah… Naval Play probably would be a big contender to anyone who plans on making a game about boat to boat warfare.