How would you get into this base?

Not sure if the pictures can fully show what I’m trying to do, but I want to see if there’s anyway (besides through the doors and up the tower) that you can get into this base design. Basically it has 2 foundation layers on the outside (inside “base” doesn’t matter, 2x1, 3x1, 2x2, whatever). First layer is the “roof”, pillars in all positions all the way up (except very last middle pillar) with ceiling attached. This would be at the roof of the base. Now the first way into the base would be getting onto that middle pillar right under the roof and c4ing the wall, but that’s where the second layer comes in. So the second layer is foundations with pillars 1/2 stories above the “roof”. So the only thing I could think of was building stairs up and trying to somehow jump and hit that middle pillar, but even if possible, it’d be a one in a million chance I think. Idea? Something I’m not seeing?

You aren’t. Better have 50 c4.

Are you building a suicide house?

“If in doubt, C4.” - and bring enough.

LOL … make it even harder for them to get to. Looking at the building materials … you are obviously admin. So if Rust++ is installed, go to the top … do the /location command, save it … then use the /instako command and remove ever pillar :slight_smile: Now you have a floating building that will levae raiders scratching their heads :wink:

Ive done the very thing you are attempting, Floating homes are awesome BUT its still possible to get in unless you build in such a way in a mountain that placing another foundation is impossible. Foundations, pillars and stairs and your in.

People tend to always make a mistake when building these types of bases. So usually i just abuse that.