How would you like to see character progression

I enjoy the idea of character progression. It makes me feel like when I log on to play a game I am achieving something. It’s an irrational feeling when playing a video game, but that’s me. Something that lasts through death

Yep. I can’t see the point of killing people in Rust since you don’t get points.

But you’ll get their loot.

Loot comes and goes but points last forever (or until they wipe them).

25 kills and then you win, also let the server owner choose the amount of kills required to win. Maybe like, 25.50 and 75. Also would like to get XP per kill that lets me upgrade my weapons.

so I’d assume 25 different people to reduce exploits

Oh, and killing yourself can’t count either.

I’m pretty sure that learning the bps is character progression, as well as creating forts, alliances and other structures. You can kill me anytime I play but I will still progress in my bps. You can destroy one of my structures (maybe grief it now) and I’ll just use another. Even if I lose everything else, I still built up some alliances with other players (or enemies, whichever you are most in to). These things are all progressions. This is after all, a sandbox game. You are allowed to do what you want, there isn’t necessarily an end game. Its a challenge and its entertainment. There is no real losing or winning other than the victories or losses you create- whether it be by being the ultimate troll, building the best structure, or maybe just creating some sort of comedy where you act out your fantasy of being the next messiah wandering around naked, asking others to join you in the enlightenment. Your end game and progression is your choice in Rust, the game doesn’t need to provide it for you.

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No… Victory lasts forever. So do bragging rights.

What about killing your 25 alt accounts?

Or gaining an alliance with for people kill pacts?

Growing a beard during the time spent alive would be so awesome, even if it is only the look of the character. I would even stop to do suicide runs to rad towns, if i could get a beard after some time alive. Plus you could use the bone knife to shave, if somebody does not like his beard.

Beard Power!

like this?

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Yeah, the bone knife to shave and explosives as soap…rofl