How would you put a picture in the HUD

So basically what I want to do is make an “advanced” looking hud, but I have 2 problems, and one leads to the other. I’m basically going to draw it in photoshop or something and then I need to have it across the entire bottom (So I’ll just make it my resolution, but I don’t know how to put the picture in there. Should I make it a vtf and vmf (or w/e it is) and then what? After that question I have a question of resolution, because for people with smaller screens, it’ll be cut off, for people with larger screens, it’ll be cut off. How do I fix that. Should I have many versions of the hud and change the vtf according?
(I just want to know if there is an easier way than that)

Two options here: draw or surface.

In these, there are two things for drawing textures:

Just read those articles.

Also, if you want to display something across the whole bottom of their screen, set the width of it to ScrW(), which is the width of their screen. Nice because it adapts to different people.

Many thanks.