How would you restirct the Q menu?

Title basically says all. How would i restrict the qmenu to a certain rank/group (ULX, Evolve, doesn’t matter either one)

hook.Add(“SpawnMenuOpen”, “BlockSpawn”, function()
return LocalPlayer():IsAdmin() or LocalPlayer():IsUserGroup(“donator”)

This this will only prevent the spawn menu from being opened on the clientside. It can still be overridden by someone running their own lua scripts or bypassed by just using gm_spawn. Make sure to return false on these hooks as well.


Err, where is this located?

You mean where is this located?

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Make a lua file named anything then put it in autorun - client.

While we’re here, how would you go about disabling Context Menu and it’s functions (player colors, weapon colors, player model)?

I think this is what I want too, if someone could confirm it working and how to set it up?

What do you want confirmation of? The hooks are working fine.

I was just checking if anyone else had tried it but I will take your word. :slight_smile:
Could you please tell me how to implement it? This is only thing I really need help on, I’m lost. D:


I think I got it, never mind. :slight_smile: