How would you seal a map?

I know how to seal a map, but how would you go about doing it, in a way that wouldn’t look crappy if you noclipped, for instance, under a displacement on the ground?

I don’t know if I understand you correctly but… I guess sealing it with a skybox maybe?

The only reason you should ever focus on visuals in areas players can’t normally go is in maps specially designed for noclip and such. You should only do this very rarely. And the bottom of the map should be nodrawed shut under displacements.

He means blocking people noclipping?

I think he’s referring to the fact that if you go inside a wall using noclip it looks shit, but this isn’t really a bug or anything, it happens in every game and engine ever.

Get someone to code a lua script that makes it so that when you noclip underground a dirt texture is drawn over your screen, or if you noclip into a brick wall a concrete texture is drawn over your screen.

That or don’t noclip?

Make a Huge fucking box around the whole map then hollow it.

It’s the best way, really… I’m not serious.

And then take a bunch of spheres and carve them into your whole map. A++ method guaranteed to work

Don’t forget to hollow those too

Oh yes, can’t forget that!

Right… So just using nodraw seals your map?

I didn’t know that…

Thanks :smiley:

It doesn’t improve anything though, it stops the leaked message but doesn’t stop it’s effects.

ITT: Users who doesn’t know sarcasm when it’s thrown in their face

Maybe making a few hollowed toruses then carve them into each other and then carve the map with that? ;D


NEVER seal your map with a fucking skybox…


NO NO NO. Why are you people so fucking stupid

ITT: Dj-J3 doesn’t realise OP is not sarcastic.


If it’s an outside map it’s pretty much necessary.

But you don’t make a box around the entire map with the skybox. You make it as small as possible.

You didn’t realize him saying “I’m not serious” did you.
Maybe expand on why you object to it so strongly. That would help the others more than just saying “NOOOOOOOO”

Why does everybody assume that skybox is just a hollow box?

It’s a sky, and it’s the easiest way…Now let me see

lazy people + easiest solution = hollow and carve