How would you set a new spawn every new round?

So I thought of making a map for Trouble in Terrorist Town that is basically 5 or so small maps but just in one bsp. Could it be possible to set it so that in the start of every round you spawn in a different place? This would be great for playing on what feels like multiple maps but the player would only have to load in once. I know this was done before on some GMT maps, I just don’t know how, or if it would be done in Lua and not in Hammer.

I think the best thing you can do in hammer would be creating lots of player spawns and spread them around the map so that it just picks one at random.

As for what you want specifically, I believe it has to be done in lua.

You can create a whole lot of spawn entities and set them disabled from the start, have a logic_random or similar activate one ‘zone’ every round, presto.

Sidenote: Squirrel is used as Vscript language in CS:GO, not LUA.

You can’t disable/enable spawn entities.

You could have all the spawns in a seperate spawn room and then teleport players to a different destination every round start.

The problem with that would be that every round is a different length. One round could be 30 seconds while the other could be up to 10 minutes.

Trouble in Terrorist Town is for Garry’s Mod.

Ahh my bad, the name threw me off.

Have a trigger teleport people when they spawn, give it a delay if you want some arrangement of logic stuff to decide where to.

I noticed some stuff here I’ll have to play around with since the ttt_map_settings outputs if a round starts, ends, or is in prep. May be easier than I thought with TTT :slight_smile: Although I am not too sure since I haven’t touched inputs and outputs too much yet in my time with Hammer.

This is the way I would do it. Keep in mind though that all sections will be sharing the same skybox and light_enviroment which can be kind of restricting and is why I gave up when I tried to do it.

But then again, not all of the sections have to be outdoor :smile:

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Decompiling ttt_lttp_kakariko_b1 helped me a ton! Really smart what they did :slight_smile:

You’re comparable to that one guy who is the only person who knows the solution on the whole internet and responds to the thread/question saying “I’ll PM you :)”. And it was posted in 2001.

What did they do?

Sorry dickbag, although I only spent 5 minutes really looking at it what they did what Grenade Man said. I only thought it wouldn’t work since that was before I realized that it has an output for when rounds go in preparation in ttt.fgd

perhaps that can help you

I’m not 100% with garrysmod mapping (or TTT mapping for that matter) but can a logic_auto not be used to get a output fired every time a new round starts?