How would you set up a knock-down shot?

So I see these shots in Garrysmod movies that consist of a ragdoll in a standing position getting knocked down by an object or another ragdoll. I was wondering how this could be set up. The way I thought of doing it was setting a ragdoll up in a standing position and take off its gravity so it was technically “Floating” in mid air, bu that would look weird when it got knocked down. This Awesome Machinima by Dizztah has the type of shots I’m taking about at places like: 2:25, 4:37, 5:14, 6:05 and 6:07

If anyone knows how to set these types of shots up (Preferably as a one man crew) please let me know! Thanks!

Bubba, he was asking a question.
I think it’s the sleep tool

It’s related to putting a ragdoll in motion and therefore should go in video (he’ll get better help there anyway).

ok, I’ll post there. Thank you!