How would you stop KoS?

So, KoS, the main way to do well on Rust. How would you stop and even reward working together?

First of all make the name visible from a greater distance so you don’t mistake people for the guy shooting you the last time.

2 mouths will never be easier to feed than 1

True, but its also easier to not get shot in the face =P
Having a teammate is almost always better, even if it is litterally to use them as bait.

whao you cant just go unprovoked dumb me in another thread

I think you’re suggesting something like a friendly/bandit system such as one DayZ has. From the literature I’ve read on here, this game will have no such system and it’s up to you to determine friend vs. foe. In a simulation scenario there really is no such indication system and I really hope Rust stays the same way.

One interesting thought though: Does the game has a system for dying clothing yet? If you and your neighbors were on good terms (or you built such a community around you), you might wear your clothing in such a manner that it stands out. While it might help to indicate friend from foe, it could also turn the game into one of territorial gang warfare, and I’m not sure that’s what they want to do with this Rust.

Run away from people, you are suppose to be scared of people. There is dyed clothes ingame that suppose to distinguish people.

See, i can understand that entirely, but its the internet. Show me any semi-popular game like this that doesnt devolve into PvP KOS. It is just plain out, more benficial to kill that guy for all his loot. Thats fine with me, if there is atleast some system to make friends. Dyed clothing is a good idea, sharing doors is another. A gated community of friends is still more security than going it alone.

I think that in a real world apocalyptic scenario you’d be seeing much of the same. You could look at large natural disasters as a small-scale example. Once the lights go out and emergency services can no longer be reached, looting is rampant (I live in the United States so Hurricane Katrina comes to mind). If this were to be the case for months or even years, the number of participants would rise and everyone would be in fight or flight mode.

Can we be friends?

Again, thats a good point and i can see where you are coming from, but as a game, its not fun being shutdown by some guy who is, plain and simple, better geared than you. If someone builds a large town, he is doomed to be raided untill extinction and there isnt any benefit to defending this feat of survival. Hell, if need be, add bloody farms so there is some benefit. Add a currency and let them tax, let the good people of the game build their own little society.

Rust is already pretty unrealistic, so why should we have something that’s detrimental to the community “for the simulation scenario”?

VON would be a great start.


I think I’ve just been playing DayZ too much. I’ve heard several people in DayZ give the argument that KoS could only exist in a video game – all I was really trying to point out was that by de-stressing KoS, you’re actually trying to counter human nature. I honestly have no opinion on it either way, but I feel one of the best parts about DayZ is that I’m always watching over my shoulder.

See, the thing with that is the servers. If you put in “PvP” in a filter, you WILL. find a no PvP server, or you can find a mod you like. This has the problem i had with Wurm, its a world where its all already been done. I dont have a key so i havent explored the world myself, but eventually, the world WILL be dominated by big settlments and bandit camps.

Maybe bind some animation to a key, such as salute, bow, or sit?

Well, when they release the naked player models, maybe we can do the helicopter to show we’re friendly.

Proximity VoIP, so you can hear the people screaming at you while you kill them.

[sp]But really, VoIP could be really helpful.[/sp]

I agree, DayZ doesn’t need any indication systems because it’s basically zombie apocalypse simulation. Rust, on the other side, it not supposed to be that realistic (now). Since building the world with your hands is a major feauture I think there should be a way to determine a bandit player.
Yeah, there are gated communities of friends and even huge cities or guilds or clans or whatnot. But there are also these occasional players that just come into the game and are all alone in it. And they are the majority. So what do we get? Organised bandits, organised neutrals and organised friendlies, no more then 30% of all population alltogether. And unorganised 70% KoSing eachother either for fun or because of fear to be KoS’ed. So the average player doesn’t get to build much or even do much - he get’s KoS’ed.

I am not saying a player that killed another player should have his playermodel switched to satan and everyone on the map should be alerted that this one guy killed someone and it a total dipshit. Apart from basic things like being able to see a name from far away and VOIP I think there could be an analogue to DayZ’s humanity system where your player model changed slightly after killing a certain amount of people. Unrealistic, but it works.
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That will be used by many bandits too.

KoS makes the game exciting. While there might be trust issues between people, teaming up and not engaging in KoS is still going to be problematic with scarce resources. There is the added benefit to security, but KoS behavior should be encouraged by the mechanics of the game because it is inherent to a survival atmosphere.

Where resources are slim and society has collapsed, it’s kill or be killed. Maybe you team up, maybe you don’t. DayZ had great success in providing excitement because you never knew when everything was going to take a turn for the worst. Firefights were quick and scary, but sometimes slow and nerve-wrecking. You didn’t know if your enemy was circling around to try and kill you or if he ran off to improve his chances of surviving the encounter. It was so exciting because of the fear of losing all the progress you had made in acquiring weapons and gear to survive. If they were to incentivize group play(other than added security and survival chances as a team) then the game would lose a significant factor that makes it fun and keeps the game fun.

I imagine the patterns or recipes to make stuff is incentive enough not to KoS, but I haven’t gotten to play the game to see how that system works and how mechanics like that in the game contribute to teamwork to move people away from always KoSing.