How you destroy wooden door?

The title how you destroy it?

Hit it with something a really long time. More powerful the tool, the less time it takes. I recommend a pickaxe.

You can hit it with a hatchet or a pickaxe (I think it’s like 100 hits).

Play-Rust Wikia [Wood Door]

2HP per Rock - 250 Hits
1HP per Stone Hatchet - 500 Hits
2HP per Hatchet - 250 Hits
6HP per Pickaxe - 84 Hits
1000HP per Explosive Charge Explosion - 1 Hits

Wood Door: 200 Hits - Metal Hatchet, 84 Hits - Pickaxe, 6 - Grenades, 1 Charge - C4

use pick axes 84 seems alot but if u have 2 people hitting it then thats 42 hits each , 3 people hitting it 28 hits each