How2CSS: Jailbreak Tour

So this is a video I made that’s being run through on our HG Jailbreak server of 64 slots. Tune in for episode 2 to show how to play each side! (Counter Terrorists POLICE and Terrorists PRISONERS)

What did I just watch? 15 minutes of you (presumably?) introducing us to a css level? Honestly, I didn’t watch the entire thing for obvious reasons (15 minutes long…), but it looks like this had absolutely nothing to do with Gmod.

When I read jailbreak in the title, the thought of a movie that’s, well, a jailbreak (escape from Alcatraz style) came to my mind , and after watching this, that’s sounding really good right now. Also, I don’t know if that was you talking or not, but he was not funny, and was basically acting like a snatch-faced-asshole…

welp its the character done in gmod with the greenscreen so theres something. I thought id just share something you since nobody even comes to the videos section anymore. And yes I was recording my voice and yes I intended to be an asshole in the video. If you didnt find it funny, other did; Just check out some of the posts on the youtube page. If you were expecting to see some epic movie I am sorry I let your hopes down. This was just a on-the-whim thing for my clan, If you’ve seen my other posts on the videos section here you might know that I do some fairly well machinima and am as serious about it as the next guy. But I guess this video didn’t deliver the satisfaction of comedy for your as it did other people.

thanks for the comment

Well, I do agree with you about one thing, and it is that the video section doesn’t nearly feel as alive as it once did. That’s something that disappoints me…

The little counter terrorist character on the side was really unnecessary.

yeah a year ago it was really thriving but oh well times change

Haha, that was good.

I enjoyed it

thanks man I appreciate it