How'd I go about setting up a Miniagames Server?

I’ve recently been playing a lot of GMod Minigames. It’s really fun and entertaining.
How’d I go about getting the gamemode or setting it up?

I’ve heard there’s a Fretta Minigames download? (Please leave link if so)


Fretta is broken, if you post a job on you could probably buy it but for a decent price. Like $20-$50. Then you gotta hire someone to start making you gamemodes.

Isn’t there something free?

Assuming you have the server installed, you just need to install the gamemode and add it to your commandline. I have played on servers running Fretta’s gamemode and I don’t belive there was problems with it, you could always give it a shot and if it is broken you would have to purchase a gamemode from somewhere, I recommend as I know a lot of dev’s on there can produce good work

Don’t host a server if you don’t wanna spend money or learn to code.

I host pretty much the only gmod Fretta Minigames server and have to say, this is extremely important. The Fretta base itself is fixed up, but none of the old gamemodes are, however there are a few new ones such as Prop Hunt, Extreme Football Throwdown and my own Duck Hunt

A Fretta/Minigames server is a lot of work, you’re essentially going to be doing everything yourself so it is vital you learn lua or become familiar with working with before hand. Fretta is, for the most part, dead meaning if you get stuck it’s going to be up to you personally to fix it which is great because it often breaks in strange ways that give no errors. Like, I personally feel if you have to ask how to make a server, you might struggle putting it together, so make sure you become familiar with lua and how gamemodes work. I suggest taking a look at either Prop Hunt or my Duck Hunt, since they’re both quite simple gamemodes and show you how stuff fretta stuff like OnRoundStart, etc works.

An alternative is to create a simple gamemode base for CSS mg_ related maps and just use those.

Like, here’s a link to the fretta base to get you started:

Thank you Niandra. See you don’t have too pay. I knew there was one out there. And I do pay. );

She pays a lot for the stuff on her server.

That’s too Niandra?