"Howdy Fellas" Engineer standing in cp_dustbowl while the sun is about to go down

I wanted to improve my model fixing so I choose a TF2 Model


Model fixing?

it looks nice though.

I assume model fixing is where you fix messed up parts of the model in photoshop or gimp or whatever you use.

Mostly hard edges and stuff.

If you made the engineer a spy, THAT would be hillarious.

But the screenshot is great by itself and im liking the light shift.

Thanks dude!

Pretty sure that the pouch is for the PDA but looks great.

Doesn’t he pull his pistol out from it in meet the spy though?

Naw just looked at it, he reaches to his right and pulls it from his belt.

good job! but ease on the bloom


Sexy blur

Omg this dies fast

For my pervertic view i see a different Hand gesture in the picture. I mean… Look how the hand is near his crotch, and his expression makes it even more hilarious.

But anyway Sexy blur as Juraj said.

Thanks,I guess…