How's it feel to kill?

I feel like a lil bit of backstory is needed to understand what’s goin’ on in this pic, basically dude on the right had to shoot a bunch of pow’s, dude in the background is looting dead bodies (he has a hitler youth knife and a c96 mauser in his arms) and dude on the left is standing there obscuring the mess of dead bodies from photojournalist.





Really liking the posing and composition that works well with the angle, great use of the rimlighting and film grain too.

If you have to explain what’s going on, you need to work on something.

I love the faceposing on the guy on the left.

The faceposing combined with the scene and the portion of backstory provided a great product. Followng Golgo, the face posing is fantastic in a subtle way because you can sense the emotion. Love it.

well whats it look like without backstory

Bunch of dudes just standing around. Really like it with the backstory.

Some guys standing around before being deployed or something. The two guys in front look like they’re talking about life back home. Meanwhile “special” private Tibbles plays with his knife in the background. He doesn’t make it a week in the service.

That’s what I picked up without reading the backstory.
It’s not a big deal, but in the future, show don’t tell.

Regardless, it’s a nice looking picture.

Nice job. Also, how do you make the rim lighting look very good like that? When I put lamps behind, the rim lighting doesn’t look all that great for me. Unless, of course, you used Photoshop for it or something.

Beautiful, are these models currently wip? If so I can’t wait to get ahold of them, they’re gorgeous.

I think there are too many lamps shining on the left guy? The pic is good and all but look at his upper left face part, below the helmet. It looks like three lamps are shining on his face creating 3 different shadows. I think there’s a lamp/light feature that reduces the strength of the shadow itself to fix this?

Correction: if you have to explain what’s going on a la Torchwood, you need to work on something.

It’s perfectly fine to add a bit of story to your picture.

good god

Lovely work, my only gripe is with the shadows on that guy on the left… looks a little off to me, but like Golgo said, love the faceposing. Very subtle.

Remember that little story, where a bunch of scientists are on the moon and they found some kind of monolith, somebody posted here not too long ago?
Yeah. It doesn’t really work like that. You shouldn’t have to explain what is going on when talking about the general posing/camera angle and lighting but you can put it in context by giving it a backstory. Nothing wrong with a bit of backstory to give the picture some more depth.

Basically what Alsojames said.

I’m not a fan of military poses but this one is really cool.

Thought the guy in the back was texting lol

but daaayyumm dat rim lighting