How's my poseing?

just thought i might see what all you guys think about my poseing, give me tips or whatever just don’t flame it please. :slight_smile:

Looks awesome, try working on your grammar skills though.

It’s pretty good actually… the sniper pose looks a bit weird but that’s because of the models and not because of you.

They’re all great. Only thing i can say is that on the 3rd from the bottom (the one where terrorist is dead) try and use face poser.

Yeah I tried but the model isn’t compatable with face poser for some stupid reason.


Does any one have a link to a working counter terrorist hex pack, cuz wystan’s doesn’t work 4 me, I’ve downloaded it twice and when i try to extract it, it says its corrupted. :frowning:

Use more zoom so they don’t look like first person shots.

JJ, I can’t today but somtime tomorrow I’ll upload said pack for you, I have all of wystans packs, so Just pm me sometime tomorrow and It’ll be yours.

I’m assuming you want both the T and CT packs.

Edit: I had totally forgotten to Comment your photo’s, I really like the 1st one, and the others are just as good!
Keep it up and you’ll be one of the Big guys when it comes to generic photos.

cool, thanks man i apreciate it.

One more thing, don’t use that horrible strawberry jam blood mod. Try the SMod blood or L4D blood if you can find it.

Good except for the lack of fingerposing.

Fingerposing wouldnt hurt, but the posing itself is really good!