Hows the map size going?

What’s your thoughts on the size of the map? How does it compare to legacy map? the size of the experimental map is 8k x 8k (-4000 to +4000). how does it compare to the legacy rust map? (the playable area, not the blank parts).

i feel that with 10-50 players its quite small, but 100+ should be ok

I think 80+ players is great you get to see lots of people in an hour of gameplay.

I think you got that the wrong way around. With less players, the map should feel bigger, not smaller!

Can someone post a link with infos on how the maps work at the moment? They are generated, I know, but somewhere I saw a picture that showed that it is always 4 biomes which are like 4 stripes … and I also read that the number of landmarks is fixed … (even the position?) Can we gather some info on myps here plz?

The snowy biome generates to the north, and the desert to the south. I haven’t heard anything reliable about landmark spawning, so far.