HowTo: Speed up downloads on


Personally, I’m still a little annoyed at constant complaints at how slow really is.
Well, they’re right it is pointlessly slow. But there is a really easy fix that everyone should really know about.

Firstly, take a look at your address bar. You’ll see something along the lines of

You need to make a couple of changes. Change the “www” with “file”, like so:


Next, delete everything from “downloads” to the reference number at the end:**downloads/?a=view&id=**65636

Add a forward slash between each of the digits:

Then simply add the filename to the end. You can find the filename by either:

  • clicking on the download button and noting down the default name that your computer saves the file as.
  • the actual download post name can often be the same as the file you wish to download.

The above file downloaded at roughly 105 KB/sec compared to 15 KB/sec when downloaded normally.
Let’s be honest, that’s quite a difference in download speed!

Press enter, and there you go. The download speeds are much faster than usual because this bypasses “coblitz.codeen” site where they host the files (correct me here if my logic is wrong).

Hope this information is useful, and although it seems a lot of work for one download, the process only looks so tedious because I’ve split it up into bits. After a little while, it becomes very easy to do this every time you want to download.

Hope this information was useful,

Sounds very useful, I’ll try it right now.

I get 120kb/s off doing it the ‘slow’ way, although, always get 120kb/s downloads from anywhere.

Lucky…sigh, I wish I had faster broadband --> I’m stuck with wireless as well, which makes the online gaming a right pain.

I’m on a bog standard netgear router, which is plugged into a tiscali ‘1mbps’ (haha). Although, my house is quite small and my room is right above the router.

I’m feeling reasonably depressed now. Cheers. :suicide:
I’d better shoot myself before I go over my download limit.

that could be done with a java browser script i think.

I think there’s is a GreaseMonkey script for it somewhere, but it was a bit glitchy didn’t always work.

It works, but it doesn’t do a whole lot, Evocity v2 “fast way” was ~ 82 kbps “slow way” was in the range of 60-70 kbps, it changes, but it takes longer to actually do than the time the process buys you.

Possibly it depends on the file. But the example I used,
“until…well, lets just say your hour has come again…”

ahem Well, as long as it works for me, I suppose. But it seems to me that there was a pretty big difference here. If you do have fast internet access, I suppose it might not make much difference.

But for any people out there who DO struggle when downloading large files, have a go.

I get an average of 320 KB/s. :slight_smile:

280 kb/s compared to 30kb/s

Thanks :smiley:

This is some shit, 20kb/s to 280.

Liking the increase in download speed there. :keke: nice to know that it was useful to someone!

Bumping this because it is so sexy, it should be on the first page.

I wonder how this will do when i already get 300kb/s from my 20mb/s connection.

With the right FireFox script, you can average 3000kbps (yes, 4 zeros) from the site, but I won’t post it here because garry may not like it.

what the hell are you guys talking about. Download faster isn’t go to make garry hate you. You’ve still downloaded the same ammount.

Because it rapes his bandwidth. Hard.

Holy shit, that fucking worked. I love you, OP