[HowTo] Unsub from all Addons in ~10 secs

Greetings, i drop here a 10sec script that will allow you to un-sub (Because it was requested some times) from all your addons, using a button.
Download this.**

Drop the HTML folder into garrysmod/garrysmod, it should remplace two files

Restart Gmod and click on the “uninstall” button :


Oh, and it’s not “Uninstall All” because i did not find something similar in the language files.

Gmod will Freeze (If you don’t have a SSD or if your have 564868498249 addons installed, if both, rip), if you won’t wait Restart Gmod** AGAIN**

Added code :


        $scope.UnsubscribeAll = function ( file )
        lua.Run( "for k, v in pairs (engine.GetAddons()) do steamworks.Unsubscribe(v.wsid) end steamworks.ApplyAddons()" )


<li><a ng-click="UnsubscribeAll()" ng-Tranny="'addon.unsubscribe'"></a></li>

PS : I’m not sure i posted that in the right category.

Thank you, haha.
I have way to many addons…

This will help me clean it all out a lot faster! :zoid:

Thanks a bunch, very useful.

Would have been useful a couple months ago.

Before unsub from all addons you can create your own collection for your subscribed addons to avoid losing them later.



When I click the “this” in download this it just brings me to a page with a song.

OP posted the changes, so you can recreate them.

but i got an happy day so:
line 16

line 49

Doesnt work it seems, Unsubscribe is a nil value

unless this is suppose to only work in menu state

Yes, steamworks.Unsubscribe only works in the menu state.


Why does it even use the word tranny, does it have another meaning which I don’t know about?

redirects me to some webpage with a song… “fixit.swf”

the website was probably injected with something, and the fixit.swf is probably a screamer or some shit - best to not go on for now

Nice addon 11/10, this should be added in default GMod

Thanks, so damn useless, broken link.

Just because a download link for easy copy pasta is broken, the addon itself is useless?
You are just too lazy to add the codes yourself. the OP even posted them, so it is less than 1 minute work and you got it.

Please excuse my OCDness, but could you please tell me how to edit it to make it show uninstall as Uninstall? Its just an annoyance thing. If you could offer any help that would be great! :slight_smile:

God damn it guys, i posted the changes, and it’s based on an old version of the HTML file (It was updates i guess), so you don’t need to download it.

About the .swf with music, it was the maintenance page for our website, we had some … security problem.
Enjoy the music :dance: !

@Allusona, you can just download it, the link is working right now.

@_VeXan, next time do the job yourself and host the files yourself.

PS : I can’t update the file for the moment, i’m not even on a real Operating System.

Great addon man, thanks.

Saved me a ton of time.