HP Ball Help

Can anyone tell me how to change how much health you get when you eat the hp ball from the fun and games entity menu?

Im not sure how to change it, but if you’re looking to dramatically increase your health…:

  1. Look down at approx. 45 degree angle.
  2. Open q and go to entities
  3. Hold down E
  4. Click away at bouncy balls.

lol, that’s not what i am looking for but it works xD

lol yeah i do it sometimes since all servers pretty much have that so ppl think im admin with godly hp or something.

Spawn 20 bouncy balls.
Nocollide them all with eachother.
Put them inside eachother.
Normal duplicator tool.
Aim down, spam duplicator.
Hold E.

lol nvm guys i got it

To really get more health from it, go into the lua files and edit it. I found the lua files here:


In my Dedicated Server folder.
Not sure where you would find it in your normal Gmod folder, though.
If you do find it, go into the init.lua file and change the code very near the bottom:

activator:SetHealth( health + 5 )


activator:SetHealth( health + 1337 )

And there you go.

What’s with all the dumb ratings?

Thx ill look
and seriously what is with all the dumb ratings?

I’m not dumb :stuck_out_tongue:
I wish i knew lua though.