HP drastically reduced on Chicken

What was the point of reducing the HP from chicken to 3? So we now have to carry around stacks of med kits, which annoyingly only stack 5, instead of 5 med kits and a bunch of chicken? I didn’t see anything about this in the patch notes which is the main reason I was wondering.

I dont see the point in how eating a chicken would work on the same lvl as a medkit. Food should not raise your HP anyway unless you are on confort zone.

Just seems asinine to drop it from 20 to 3 and not increase the stack size on med kits.

carring x250 medkits would make sense then? lol

The game ment to be difficult - want more medkits, leave one of the guns, use the free slot for kits.

This game is FAR from ‘difficult’ it is incredibly simple.

And don’t be obtuse, a stack of 250 would be ridiculous just as 5 is ridiculous. We should be able to have stacks of 10-15.

Get two or 3 stacks ?

That takes up annoying amount of space while I’m raiding though…lol.

this would encourage taking more medkits

Kind of removes the purpose of getting and using chicken.

Agreed, means I can throw out over half the chicken I have now that it is only for hunger.