HQ Metal rare in temperate biome? Why?

“HQ Metal is more common in the tundra and arctic biomes. HQ metal has a very small chance of spawning in the temperate biome.”
Taken directly from devblog 71 which I read 5 minutes ago. I’m not sure this is a great idea. I think players should be able to build (more or less) where they please,
without having to worry too much about the availability of HQM ore. Sure, different areas within a biome should have varying yields, but removing HQM ore spawn from the temperate biome completely
(or making it very rare) will discourage people from building there, creating bands of unpopulated land near the middle of the map.

Or am I wrong? tell me what you think.

Oil is much more common in the Arid/desert biome.

Personally I think it’s a good idea to make resources more available in some areas and less in others, just like you see in the real world.
It also open up for the need to spread out your distribution and construction.
As a base builder I felt it to be too easy just to find 1 area and then just bury yourself in the base, I like this idea with spreading out the resources, specially with the upcoming vehicles.

They want to make trade more appealing as well.

no they want this to be a social game sorry this isnt farmville. if i want to be social ill go chill at a friends house.


You know raiding is technically a social interaction? Albeit a hostile one.

i would like to start a petition to make all resources available in all biomes just with varying yield rates

Definitely agree that all resources should be available in all biomes for the sake of gameplay…doesnt matter to me reallly because no chance would i ever play a boring vanilla server but still…

If they’re only available in the arctic that means you’ll have to run elsewhere to get the animal fat and cloth for low grade fuel, or have two bases (1 desert one for oil) to run your quarry for HQM.

sounds easy

you will use oil to get fuel and supply your car :slight_smile:

That i built with the HQM that i dont have :wink:

I suppose with vehicles it would be easier to travel between areas… but for now, I think that they should

Just my feeling though.