HQ Submarine interior map?

I’m trying to find a decent sized map that either takes place entirely in a detailed submarine or features a submarine with an interior for posing purposes.

I’ve covered FPSBanana with a fine comb to find a suitable map but alas, no luck.

That’s where I was hoping the community could come in. Perhaps one of you have worked on/seen such a map, or could refer me to a place where I can find one.

There was a submarine map in the WC mappack from HL2 beta. Mostly wrecked, but with some intact interior parts. Of course it’ll take more effort to fix it up for retail engine, but here’s what it looked like compiled for beta:


I thought the only submarine in the beta was the dinky mini-sub that Odell had. Was the map ever ported or uploaded?

The interior doesn’t look very submarine-like, but it’s better than nothing

There are over 1000 bsps in the WC pack. What is the file name?


It will take some doing to get it to look like it did in those screenshots HGrunt posted, but it will probably look good if you do.

There was a HL2 coastline RP map that included this sub under a bridge near a base if you don’t want to compile it yourself. I can’t remember the name unfortunately.

What do you mean? Is the map broken?

not quite, but a lot of the textures are incorrect and look bad, and you will get an “_orphaned_hidden” visgroup, which means some of the vmf wasn’t read correctly (or something).

usually, when there is an “_orphaned_hidden” visgroup, it hides some parts of the map and even if you toggle the visgroup on, the content wont appear. if you have the visgroup selected and hit “mark” (if the visgroup is enabled), it will select the invisible stuff, and you can copy it into a new map, or paste it into the same map and position it back into the same place.in the case of this map, it hides a couple of details in the map, but i currently can’t remember them.

there are also some completely weird mapping practices, due to the map being over 10 years old.

as i said, the map will take some working with to get it to be good

Do you happen to know the name or ip of the server that hosted it? Is it somewhere in the workshop beneath the eons worth of fnaf shit?

I don’t know anything about Hammer or map making, hell all I could get Hammer to do was test the graphics. I was hoping there would be a suitable map ready and available to use, but seeing as the only other option could hardly pass for a submarine even for a naval novice like myself, I suppose I can attempt to recompile it, but I have my doubts.

I actually tried to fix this map a long time ago, back when I was a Hammer newbie (Still am, but now I can make displacements without fucking up my lighting. Progress, lads)

You’d have to fix every texture not working properly, replace every beta-exclusive texture as well, fix whatever props are missing, and delete outdated gameplay stuff. Luckily, we got several packs of beta props you might use to not break the map design.

On the plus side, some props are just Hammer brushes with the right dimensions and textures. That’s just how Valve did things back then.

Unless someone else feels like fixing the map, I guess I’ll try to work on it when I get enough spare time. What version of Hammer do I use to edit a map?

Depends which game you’re mapping for, but since it’s propably GMod the CSS, HL2 + EP1&EP2 or HL2:DM Hammer should work without any problems. You could also use the Source SDK Base 2013 one, not sure about the 2007 version. Just make sure to launch hammer from the games/tools bin folder, preferably with the batch file.

I could try my hand at it. I’ll download the VMF, leak materials and leak models and see how much of it I can fix up.

not interior but if you need exterior shots try ol_russia from the off-limits mod:


I only kept the intact sections of the sub, since I suspect you’ll only want to use those and it helps cut down on the file size. Drag the ‘materials’ and ‘models’ folder into your game folder, and the map file into your map folder, all pretty straightforward. Also, you may need to light some areas with lights in SFM/Gmod since I forgot to add some.