HQ Texture Patch for Gmod

Is there a HQ Texture patch for entire Gmod?..
or just a hq character pack for each series?

I need something enhance graphics for my Garrysmod.

HQ Texture Patch or something…Help!

No, as far as I know.

It would be nice GMOD to get more realistic/HQ.
Who knows,someone can make it.

Garrys mod doesn’t run off textures in game. It runs off of hl2 base textures and textures from other games. Impossible.

You can still have new textures at the same name in Gmod to overlap the hl2 standard ones

OR just try making a LUA In-game Option. <3
BTW,then there must be a seperate Texture folder.

Give the Cinematic Mod from Fakefactory a try, however… It comes with 0% guarantee!

Well if you want plaster clothes and plastic faces that look like high quality turds, then sure. That is as far as characters go.

As far as environemnts are concerned, you get blown, sharpened and noised base textures with very obvious detail textures on top of them.

There’s very little ways that lua can actually make the game look better.

Overall I recommend you scury around gmod.org and other sites. There’s usually some high quality reskins here and there. Enhanced citizens do improve the stock ones quite a lot for instance.