HQM & Building

Hey, here is some more feedback. Most people dont have a clan with 10+ people. Which means that building a base with a lower numberd group takes much time and resources.

Upgrading your door to armored should not cost 10 HQM because it’s a pain in the ass to get. I understand you need it for guns. But IMO you should make upgrade to armor cost more metal because metal is kind of useless now because noone uses sheet metal.

And this would be better for low numberd group because people can pickaxe raid you while your offline if you have stone walls (and upgrading to sheet metal is useless because it only takes 1 c4 to get through).

10 HQM is not at all hard to get, dude. Bang on 4 of the right type of rocks and you’re done. If your base is stone and bigger than like 2x2, you should have ended up with enough HQM to make an armored door by default. The bigger your base and the more doors you have, the more HQM you should have by default. I’ve found that the ratio is pretty much fine for construction. If your base has 120 doors, you’re gonna have problems, but armoring a dozen or so doors as you build a base is not difficult.

I agree that HQM should be harvestable with pick at a rate that makes this not pointless. On my server the amount of HQM you get from 1h of farming rocks is similar to what a quarry will produce in the same amount of time… Balance feels pretty good really…

Doors aren’t really the problem. Floors, walls, windows etc are ridicolously expensive and it would be better if they’d be cheaper but require metal fragments aswell.

I think it would be interesting to be able to mix metal frags and HQ metal for different quality/ durability of weapons and armor.

You could have armor that has an HP that varies depending on the amount of HQ / frags you used.

I would like to see a way to convert frags+fuel into HQM. Maybe a blast furnace, one too large to be put inside.

My gripe is simply this;

Stone Doorway takes 2 C4 to destroy.
Armoured Doorway takes 3 C4 to destroy.

Armoured door takes 2 C4 to destroy…

What is the point in upgrading a doorway to armoured, if the door will always be only 2 C4 to destroy it? That doesnt make sense to me; the armoured door needs to be 3 C4 to encourage armoured doorways.

Agreed and armored walls 4c4… so going through door is still a better option.

the whole top tier building needs to be revised.

I think building with armoured is very hard and time consuming for each wall to only resist one extra c4…

If you place in a Armored door with stone doorway people can get through in 5 mins if they hatchet the stone doorway. Thats why armored upgrade should not cost HQM but Metal frags combined with something else or a lot of metal frags. And just remove metal sheet completely because its practically useless.

This is only true if you’re an idiot and put your doorway on backwards.

~12 minutes, pickaxe > hatchet and only if the weak side is showing… but I agree, the armored vs stone doorway thing is an issue.

With the HP changes to doors a few patches ago, making an armoured base is not quite as important as it used to be anymore. Stone is kind of the default building material now as a result. Yes, it’s good to be able to armour at least your ground floor. But having an all armoured base isn’t as useful as it used to be.

Armoured doors have the same HP as stone walls and takes the same amount of C4. So if you have an armoured base, raiders will target your doors instead of walls. If you have a stone base with armoured doors, it gives them more choice for a point of entry, but the amount of C4 they use is the same.

Now, if you have a large base with complex door mazes, then a full armour structure is definitely preferable. But that’s the kind of structure you normally only have the resources for if you’re playing in a group anyway.

Or don’t use doors.

Yes do this and everyone download a noclip back instead!


If that’s the limit to your creativity, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that not all servers can have /tpr

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Or /home

Uh no, never considered that.

Thank you for playing.

I think was jumonjii was suggesting is a walled in base that you can only access from the top.

a.k.a you build up every time you want to access it and leave it totally exposed to infiltration from above…

Yea, good luck with that one.