Heres a map Ive been working on for about a month. Its a horror themed singleplayer map.

-Known Bugs-
Its had a few issues running in gmod with level transitions and game end. Manual switch/exit is required.

I enjoyed most of it. Is the ending supposed to be stuck with zombie or should it go on more?

Post a video or more images, Most people are too lazy to download maps to judge.

It was OK. From a mappers point of view, it was a bit bland.

Needs a bit of work, also when the citizen appeared to open the door, i blew his head off… so. Kinda had to noclip through the door.

Scream is very overused, and not scary.

I wasn’t scared. I didn’t even jump.

And the “are you ready to live through hell?” thing?


Mapping 6.5/10

Gameplay 4/10

Hello, mate. (Spartan[.:117:.] from Steam) looks good- I’ll DL it now.